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Pacifico National Exhibition and Convention Center

Pacifico National Exhibition and Convention Center
Yokohama, Japan

Pacifico, one of the world’s largest integrated convention centers, is a central destination of Mirato Mirai 21 - Japan’s vision of a thriving port city for the 21st century - in Yokohama on Tokyo Bay.

As consultants to Japan’s leading architectural firm, Nikken-Sekkei, Lees Dawson Associates provided all the design concepts and a complete signage, graphics and visitor information master plan for Mirato Mirai and Pacifico. Included in the master graphics plan for this massive waterfront development were concepts for interactive electronic information kiosks, an eight-language city map system and automobile and pedestrian directional signage.

Major art installations for the Exhibition Hall, which mirrored Yokohama as a great seaport and the historic gateway to Japan, included a 400-meter wall mural and time-line. Conceived in theme and concept by us for execution by leading Japanese artists and designers.

Cover Photo; Flickr image, some rights reserved by Karitsu.

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